The perfect start of the season!

Wow, thank you all for coming.

The first double edition of Odprta kuhna which took place on Thursday, 11th of June, and Friday, 12th of June, turned out to be a great success! Pogačarjev square came alive again with visitors smiling and raising their glasses to another season of lively culinary hangouts.
For those that missed out (don’t let it happen again), we prepared a short tour to serve as a motivation for planning your next visit. Image this …

Warm sunbeams rising over Plečnik’s market, lighting up nearly 40 food stands. The breeze blowing gently mixing with groovy beats from the speakers. In the distance, Odprta kuhna’s lovely boys disinfecting the tables once again. You take a stroll between the counters, meticulously personalized to grab your attention.

You will see craft beer pouring into biodegradable glasses, fresh gin combinations mixed at the Brina stand and a wide selection of wines to pair with every dish available. Grab a beverage, full of vitamins or sugar (we won’t judge) and you are good to go.
At the corner, the same place as always, you will run into the king of ‘šmorn’ (kaiserschmarrn), a little further down you will find the waffles, creamy pies and twisted ice cream, štruklji (rolled dumplings) and Karim, offering you his tasty macaroons with the sincerest smile. Not fond of the sweets? Your loss …

The ribs, oh those lovely ribs, worth standing in line for. Steaks, roasted piglets, ‘čevapčiči’, veal liver, sirloin sandwich - Odprta kuhna really could be a meat-eaters’ heaven. The seafood lovers found their place somewhere between paella, shells and calamari.

The comfort food options that bring happiness to your heart and belly include noodles and pasta galore, stuffed peppers, burgers and tacos, while all the fit and hip foodies can delight in bowls and bagels. The world travellers can cure their wanderlust with falafel, Indian, Turkish, Egyptian, Persian and African delicacies.

And that’s it. Choose your favourites, disinfect your hands, find the perfect spot with the most attractive view and enjoy.

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