This week Friday only!

What’s with this weather?!

This Thursday Odprta kuhna is cancelled, see you on Friday.

Did you think that after corona we will just leap to the summer and show off our new sandals? We sure did. But the weather had something else in mind. Instead of fine dining on Pogačarjev square, we will spend this Thursday frowning at the sky and folding our raincoats. However, come Friday, we will meet again.

Also, this Friday the Odprta kuhna is welcoming a new vendor. Faladur Wine Bar & Shop is bringing some Vipava valley goodies to chase the clouds away. Their jota (turnip stew), tasty polenta, OutofChina dog with homemade pork sausage and sweet sourdough rolled dumplings will surely make your day!

This weeks’ forecast: Thursday no, Friday yes. See you then!

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